Have you ever wondered “Why do we drink for St. Patrick’s Day?”

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If you thought that St. Patrick’s day was about getting drunk, you’re right. The green-soaked holiday is a great time to douse your sensibilities and your bellies with plenty of booze, wine, and spirits. However, most people (Wikipedia included) haven’t the slightest idea what the holiday is really about. Believe it or not, it’s not the celebration of luck, leprechauns, or Guinness.

By now, most people have heard of Saint Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland), a catholic saint who supposedly drove the snakes out of Ireland. Some people have probably heard about Brigid of Kildare (we celebrate his “feast day” on February 1st). If you’re really thinking of Ireland, you might even know about Saint Columba, who is celebrated on June 9th. Why do we all celebrate Saint Patrick, and why does he get a whole day to himself? Want to try hangover supplement samples?

There are actually a few theories for Saint Patrick’s Day:

The first and most likely reason that we celebrate Saint Patrick’s day is because of the Catholic Church. This would mean that St. Patrick’s Day is more than just Irish whiskey. St. Patrick’s Day commemorates Christianity’s arrival to Ireland. The Catholics then led a celebration for the Irish, celebrating heritage and culture. This is where the clover comes into play- three leaf clovers (not four-leaf ones) are supposed to help explain the holy trinity (the father, the son, and the holy ghost), and parades and festivals were all spangled with green attire to match the clover.

Rumors suggest that he was abducted by Irish Raiders for 6 years, and eventually escaped by converting pagan Irish people to Christianity. March the 17th, according to the Irish, is the date of his death, and was dedicated as a public holiday in 1903 so that Irishman, atheist, and the devout could all celebrate his demise. Believe it or not in 1903, an Irish leader named O’Mara coined it a national holiday, but also declared that all pubs were to be closed on March 17th.

So, Drinking Wasn’t Kosher on St. Patrick’s Day- Insanity!st pattys skip-01

This tradition carried on in Ireland until the 1970’s (with plenty of bootleg parties by the locals) when the decision to abolish the drinking ban was revoked on the 17th of March. This actually began the decline of the holiday, as many of the Irish weren’t too fond of it anyways. It was still practiced as a religious holiday in Ireland as a holiday of the Catholic Church.

So How Did Saint Patrick’s Day and Irish Whiskey Get to America?

It’s pretty obvious that lots of Irish people came to America during the potato famine. Because of this, there are actually more Irish people in the United States than there are in Ireland. In the 1990’s, a crafty Irish marketer brought up the old holiday, and instead tied it to Ireland’s national identity. The tradition stuck, and we’ve been celebrating Ireland’s rich history (mostly with corned beef, cabbage, and lots beer and Irish whiskey) ever since.

It wasn’t the first time that people have been drinking for the holiday- some started in 1759 in Canada by some Irish soldiers that were stationed in Montreal. So, why do we celebrate Ireland? It’s not completely cut and dry, but we all agree it’s fun. Just make sure that you’re wearing green, or you might get pinched!hangover cure

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