Checklist For Your Wedding Party Gift Bags

They say your wedding is the biggest party most people ever throw. It may not be for you personally, but you still want to make sure you knock it out of the park. To help everyone enjoy your party, we have a rundown of items to consider for your wedding party gift bags, hangover bags or whatever you have planned. Plus, we have an offer for samples of one of the items to test out at the end of the article. Mints– Always a good decision. Pain Relievers– Good for the pain of being on your feet & travel, but also used for hangovers. But many experts caution combining OTC pain relievers and alcohol. Maybe consider adding a hangover supplement. Hangover Supplement– These are starting to become more mainstream, primarily because they work. Happy Hour Vitamins is a multivitamin specially formulated for the needs of people who drink. Just take a dose before/while drinking to help prevent hangovers. Bottled Water– Wedding weekends are hectic. Very easy to be slightly dehydrated between the dancing, sun, drinking, and travel. Also good to wash down the Hangover Supplement hangover gift bags Ear Plugs– Great for sleeping in and travel home. Snacks– There is so much going on during a wedding weekend, that food is often overlooked. Booze– Mini bottles are always a fun novelty for drinkers. Lint Roller, Safety Pins & Tape– Always needed for wardrobe issues. Sunglasses– Guests often overlook bringing them to outdoor weddings. Cleansing Wipes– For makeup, spills & children. Happy Hour Vitamins for Hangover Kits on Amazon Happy Hour Vitamins hangover supplement is extremely popular for weddings. This is why…
  • -For the wedding party the night before so everyone is sharp on the big day.
  • -At the bar during the reception.
  • -In gift/hangover bags.
  • -For the bachelor(ette) parties.
  • -The Honeymoon, last thing you want to be is hungover.
Happy Hour Vitamins are individually packaged and are best used before/while drinking to help prep the body and prevent your hangover. Here is how Happy Hour Vitamins works
  • -B & C vitamins to fight deficiencies related to drinking.
  • -Antioxidants to help fight free radicals.
  • -Liver support, from milk thistle a centuries old liver tonic.
  • -Neutralize the alcohol derived toxin acetaldehyde, with N-acetyl-cysteine.
Let us prove to you how well Happy Hour Vitamins works, 100% Moneyback Guaranteed. Try 5 Free Samples, just cover S&H or Visit Our Amazon Store.

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