Valentine’s Day Cocktails Cheat Sheet

So maybe Valentine’s Day is really just a commercial holiday. But we are not mad about it, just another excuse to enjoy some cocktails with your main squeeze or your Tinder of the week. We don’t judge. Here is some help for you to up your creativity this Valentine’s Day. Do a little experimenting while making some drinks. We are not giving you precise recipes for cocktails. Have some fun, toy around and make some different drinks. Add an ingredient, sip, maybe modify, sip some more. We are going to give you Valentine’s weekend cocktail cheat sheet to point you in the right direction.

romantic drinks

Champagne Cocktails
Everyone loves bubbly and it is always associated with romance and celebration. Sure you can always just pop open a bottle of champagne and sip away. But where is the creativity in that?
Champagne is quite versatile, you can add flavored liquor, maybe a juice or a puree and the results can be spectacular. But you can also add champagne to your favorite cocktail to give it a little more life. Do you drink vodka and some type of juice? Top it off with some champagne or prosecco to give it some fizzy flavor. If you are feeling frisky feed each other strawberries while sipping your champagne.
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I feel you can’t get much more romantic than a nice bottle of whiskey. Don’t believe us? 2014 marked the first year in over 30 years that whiskey outsold vodka in the US. There you go. The only mixer you may need is ice. Looking for some guidance? I am a huge fan of Jefferson’s Bourbon who has several reasonably priced bottles to choose from.

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Dessert drinks ingredient glossary
Typically dessert drinks have a crème, coffee or chocolate base. One great thing is they are all very mixable. You can feel free to get a little crazy.
Here is a glossary of ingredients and some tips to combine them.
Rumchata – Relatively new rum crème liquor, it is phenomenal with anything, absolutely dynamite.
Bailey’s Irish Crème – Several flavors and there are cheaper alternatives of Irish crème as well.
Coffee Liquor – Kahlua, Tia Maria, and Café Patron are the staples but you have several options at all price points.
Godiva Chocolate Liquor (there is a cheaper alternative such as crème de cacao)
Flavored Vodkas – The number of flavors is outrageous, but Whipped Crème, Caramel, and berry work well )

Mixers & Toppings
Cream, milk or half & half (depends on how healthy and creamy you want your drinks)hangover cure
Cola – Actually is a good way to sweeten a drink and cut some of the creaminess.
Coffee or Espresso – Quick tip, if you want a coffee drink hot, heat the mug with water or you can just microwave the drink.
Ice Cream – Put liquor in a blender with ice cream and it will turn out amazing. Actually, I do serve these as shots because of glassful can be a bit much.
Whip Crème, chocolate syrup & Berries – You can garnish with these or get a little more adventurous.
Bonus – Alcohol-Infused Whip Creme, no joke, it is amazing and 10-20% alcohol.
Or just screw all this nonsense and get some tequila, salt, and limes and do body shots. Cheers