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Well we all know Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse to drink, here is the history on why we drink for Cinco. But May is full of lesser known excuses to have a drink.

May 13th
World Cocktail Day

Great day to go get a craft cocktail, please don’t order a mojito or LIT let the bartender show their talent with one a house craft cocktails.

May 17th
World Whiskey Day http://www.worldwhiskyday.com/

Whiskey has a lot of days, but it still isn’t enough in our book. Great day to splurge and try a new whiskey.

May 21th
National Waiter & Waitress Day

Never enough excuses to go to a restaurant eat, drink & tip well.

May 22nd
Buy a Musical Instrument Day

We say just go watch some local live music with a great beer and tip the band.

May 25th
National Wine Day

I know quite a few girls that this is a 365 days a year holiday.

May 28th
International Hamburger Day

A burger & beer at your local pub is always a good decision. Here are tips for pairing your own.

May 30th
National Mint Julep Day

Take a look back at our blog post about Mint Juleps and the Kentucky Derby.

Don’t forget to pair Happy Hour Vitamins with all of these ‘holidays’. No reason to wake up hungover after World Whiskey Day.