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Hi Im Ben Shaw I was a hungover bartender for years until Happy Hour Vitamins became part of my life. If you want to avoid hangovers, live & feel better like me you just need to watch this video. Plus I have a free gift for everyone at the end of this video.

Now I have always lived a pretty healthy lifestyle, but I do enjoy some cocktails. But as I got older the hangovers just seemed to get worse and worse. Then I learned a secret, hangovers are typically more than just dehydration.

Several years I ran my own company during the day and bartended in the evenings but I wanted to do something else. I guess the classic I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up story. Around this same time I was looking more into my own health and supplements that could help me live better. Then I stumbled upon the idea of a multivitamin specially formulated for people who like to drink. Something that would help me with vitamin & mineral deficiencies that are common for those who drink. But also was good for liver support, detox and overall wellness.

Even more important I wanted this product to help me with my hangovers. I knew there were hangover supplements out there. I had tried several and some did help with my hangovers. So why not make a product that covers everything?

So I started reaching out to domestic manufacturers and hired a chemist to formulate Happy Hour Vitamins. After working with him he gave me a formula that I showed to several medical people and they gave it a thumbs up. So I contracted a highly accredited domestic manufacturer to produce Happy Hour Vitamins. A few months later a palate showed up and I could not be more pleased with the product. Literally my life has changed, I am actually a morning person now. I get more done before noon than I ever have. And I credit Happy Hour Vitamins for this more than anything.

Remember when I mentioned hangovers where more than dehydration? Obviously hydration does play a role but there is more going on. You know that body ache, blah feeling from your last hangover? That is probably due to the toxins in you body. Even more specific acetaldehyde, which is 30x more toxic than alcohol and builds up in you body when you drink. To help you body with this Happy Hour Vitamins have Cysteine which helps your body process this toxic by product from the metabolization of alcholl. On top of that Happy Hour Vitamins contains several anti oxidant rich ingredients to help your body with toxins.

Im not going to go real deep into the science, if you want to learn more you can read our free ‘Outsmarting Hangovers’ ebook we will send to everyone.

But we do want to mention  B & C Vitamin deficiencies are common in people who drink regularly. B Vitamins are crucial for metabolism and energy production. This is why when you look at a packet of Happy Hour Vitamins you see such high amounts of B Vitamins, your body is probably going need it to help you feel better.

On top of the B vitamins, Happy Hour Vitamins contains Milk thistle and a few other ingredients that have been linked to support liver health. Im no scientist but something that helps my liver is a win in my book.

All you have to do is take a dose, 2 capsules per pack, before or when you start drinking and then we encourage a 2nd dose later in the evening. That’s it Just by taking those 2 doses with water you are taking a huge step forward in feeling better the day after drinking.

The #1 question I get is “does it work?” To give you an idea of results I will read a quote from our amazon page. I NEVER drink without my H2V!!!! I have been taking them for years and tell everyone about them. Before I started taking them I would get the worst hangovers, I’m talking I would be in bed for the entire day didn’t matter how much or what I drank I planned on being sick. Now no more headaches, spins or praying to the toilet king!!! You will not regret it!!! From Melissa

 Now I can’t guarantee you will have that much success. Every person is different, but what if you just go from miserable and not able or wanting to perform simple task to being able to function in society.

But really you need to try for yourself. Now when you go to a bar or restaurant and order a craft beer, well drink or glass of wine its going to be $5, most likely more. So what I am going to do is offer you 5 packs mailed to your doorstep for just $5. 5 packs will give you a full test of Happy Hour Vitamins and make your weekend mornings much better.

Full disclosure, after paying for shipping, packaging, product & bonuses I make nothing on this offer. The reason I would do this is I want to get as many people as I can to try Happy Hour Vitamins. I am confident you will like them and want to continue avoiding hangovers.

So say goodbye to hangovers by claiming our special one-time introductory price of 5 for just $5. Plus you will receive a copy free ebook titled ‘Outsmarting Hangovers’. Just submit your email below to claim this special offer. If you are not quite ready to try Happy Hour Vitamins yet, we will still send out our ebook for free, just submit your email in the same box below.

Remember The only thing you have to lose is your next hangover. Thanks for hanging out and helping us end hangovers forever.

Cheers, Ben Shaw – President & Client Happy Hour Vitamins