3 bottles and box

Anyone who has worked in or around the bar business knows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. During more than a dozen years in the industry, I managed to work out regularly and eat a healthy diet. But part of the industry is drinking, and many times a little to often or excessive.

I started thinking that it would be great if there was a multivitamin specifically formulated for the drinking population. One that would help support the bar industry lifestyle by focusing on liver health, detox assistance, overall nutrition, and the reduction of hangover symptoms. Why should a night out drinking have to slow you down so much the next day? So, I hired people much smarter than myself to create Happy Hour Vitamins, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here is what makes Happy Hour Vitamins specific formulation for the drinking population so special:
Extra B Vitamins to replace those potentially lost and destroyed when drinking;
Milk Thistle and other ingredients to help with long-term liver support;
Antioxidant rich Acai berry, Goji Berry and Green Tea extract;
Cysteine to combat evil acetaldehyde. Formed when the body processes alcohol, it is 30 times more toxic to the body than the alcohol itself, and is associated with some of the next day side effects caused by drinking.

Happy Hour Vitamins is intended as a daily supplement for your overall health, but it only takes one dose to take effect. It is as easy as taking a dose (2 capsules) with your first drink to help yourself feel better the next day. On days of epic drinking, we recommend a second dose before you go to sleep.

So really at the end of the day we created Happy Hour Vitamins for our own needs and knew there was many people out there that could use all the benefits Happy Hour Vitamins offers. Cheers!

PS Many people ask about the bottles. When Happy Hour Vitamins was first released we only offered bottles. But so many people enjoyed the hangover aspect of H2V we had them packaged into convenient single serving packages.

They still work for overall wellness but just come in single servings. We will be bringing back the bottles for your convenience soon, Cheers.