Health Benefits of Video Gaming

Gaming is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world, particularly amongst the young but also increasingly amongst adults and even older people. Given that, many have wondered what impact playing video games has on your health. The common sense view tends to suggest that gaming can be bad for you, for example for your attention and for your cardiovascular health, because many games involve sitting for long periods of time and people associated playing video games with a sedentary lifestyle. However, much evidence now suggests that gaming is often quite good for your health. How, you are probably thinking?

Well, in a number of ways. For example gaming can be very good for your cognitive health. It can increase the size of the brain areas associated with skills such as spatial awareness, memory, and long-term planning. It can also inhibit and reduce sensations of pain. As well as this, it has been shown to promote recovery in those who have suffered a traumatic experience or for those who have recently undergone surgical procedures. As if this wasn’t enough, it also could improve your eye health, suggests data taken from a study in which those with ‘lazy eyes’ covered their stronger eye, and their weaker improved when they played games.

Obviously, we are not claiming that gaming is the panacea to eliminate all health problems. That wouldn’t be a sensible reading of the evidence. However, the data does suggest that gaming can have really pretty profound impact upon your health and well-being, particularly your cognitive health. So, if you are a teenager, carry on playing the video games that your parents bought you. If you are an adult, perhaps dig out those old consoles, plug-in and play.

Find out more about the health benefits of gaming from the info graphic below from my partners at Computer Planet.