If you are in college, there is a good chance you like to go out… A lot! Here are the 7 types of college kids that could really benefit from using Happy Hour Vitamins: a helpful way to replace key vitamins and nutrients that are lost from alcohol consumption. Trust me you don’t want to drink without it!

The Party animal:

We all know the Party animal. They NEVER miss a night out if you. A party animal know how get everyone turned up. Whether it’s flip cup, beer bongs, keg stands, or shots, the party animal is leading the charge. But when you string together multiple nights of drinking, you will need some serious recovery time. Take Happy Hour Vitamins so you can fight the morning hangover and be ready to hit your next party.

The Good Student:

The good student top priority is grades, so you rarely see them out. Happy Hour Vitamins are the perfect party favor for a good student. It allows you to no longer sacrifice your social life for school, so you can have some drinks without being hungover for class the next day. It also helps when you go out to celebrate a good grade or try to forget about a bad test…. No need to feel it the next morning. wake up refreshed and ready to hit the books with Happy Hour Vitamins.

The Athlete:

Hang overs suck…..workout out hungover is miserable. Any athlete knows that a night drinking leads to a subpar workout. Don’t cheat yourself. Use Happy Hour Vitamins to supply your body with the essential vitamins lost from drinking, and allow yourself to be 100% in the gym the next morning.

The Working Student:

Having a job during college is a great way to gain cash, but dealing with people, an angry manager, and work in general is unbearable when you are hungover. Tackle these work issues with a clear mind and energized body. Happy hour vitamins will give your body the boost it needs to avoid a hangover and still drink away your stress at night.

The Home Drinker:

Every now and then we all need a good chill night to stay at home, breakout some booze and get drunk with the roommates. You always end up drinking way more than you expect on these nights. Happy Hour Vitamins can make turn a “Roommate night” into a “good morning” by helping to prevent you from feeling the affect of the alcohol.

The Super Fan:

nothing beats a nice tailgate, playing corn hole, drinking beers, and watching your team kick some butt. But some super fans go too hard during the game and can’t make it to the celebration party. don’t allow hangover to cause you to crash early and missing out on the festivities. Happy Hour Vitamins will give you the energy to rally and keep the party going.

The “Wine Night” drinkers:

When you want to keep it classy and drink wine for the night, you cant help but hear that voice in the back of your head say, “Tomorrow is gonna be rough”. Ditch the hangover and use Happy Hour Vitamins and make wine night a fine night.

The Smart Student:

This person can easily be you. Prevent the hangover before it starts. Feel good about yourself and live a hangover free life with Happy Hour Vitamins and do the no hangover dance.