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Plastic straws are a very handy and great invention. But we as a society have moved past the single-use waste with a reusable collapsible straw and other more Eco-friendly alternatives. A reusable straw makes much sense. That’s is what Happy Hour Straw delivers.

The US waste millions of straws every day, many of them used for less than 20 minutes.  By no means is the first reusable straw ever made. But this is your opportunity to have a straw ready whenever you would like. Also since many food & beverage establishments are ‘skipping the straw’ this allows you to have a very useful and practical tool available when they are not.

Reusable Happy Hour Collapsible Straw

collapsible straw keychain
2 Pack Collapsible Straws Each With Case

Happy Hour Collapsible Straw orders come with 2 units. Each with its own case and cleaning tool that conveniently fits in the carrying case.

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Straws are the latest on an expanding list of individual plastic products being banned, taxed, or boycotted in an effort to curb waste plastic trash. Here are a few things you can do.

Say no to plastic straws

Restaurants and bars have the tendency to give you a plastic straw even before you have the chance to let them know you’d rather not have one, so make sure upon ordering drinks that you let your waiter or bartender know you are okay with no straw.

Bring a reusable bag shopping

Reusable bags cost about a buck and are way more durable than a plastic bag. Some grocery stores offer a small credit if you bring your own bag. Personally, I reuse paper grocery bags.

Cut out or at least cut back plastic water bottles

Crazy stat for you… A single person using a reusable, refillable water bottle instead of single-use plastic water bottles can save as much as 170 bottles from being produced each year. Just looking at a small town block that is 10,000 bottles per block annually. Granted sometimes plastic water bottles are unavoidable, let’s try to cut that number down in the future.

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