Why Milk Thistle is important for drinkers & their hangover

Why Milk Thistle is important for Alcohol Drinkers Milk Thistle is an herbal supplement that detoxifies & protects vital liver functions and more. Milk thistle also contains properties shown to offer the body antioxidant benefits. Milk thistle has been used for over 2,000 years as a liver tonic. Milk thistle’s name is derived from the […]

how to have a awesome birthday

How to have an awesome birthday and get treated to a bunch of birthday freebies!

I had a pretty solid birthday last week and I’m not even a big birthday guy. This year my birthday was laid back and entertaining. Here are some steps to have a enjoyable birthday experience, and get some free stuff in the process! Step 1 :Do Something Different Do something out of the norm even […]

bachelorette party essentials

Bartender’s Tips for Your Next Bachelor(ette) Party

Bartender’s Tips for Your Next Bachelor(ette) Party Working in nightclubs for years I have seen more than my share of Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. I have seen and interacted with 100’s of bachelorette parties. On top of that I have been on quite a few bachelor parties myself. I am going to give you some […]

why b vitamins are needed for alcohol drinkers

Why B Vitamins are Critical for Drinkers

What you need to know about  Alcohol and B Vitamins Drinking is fun and an important part of our social culture. But as we all know not the healthiest thing we can do. So we are going to take a look at alcohol and b vitamins and you. One important thing to know is you can often […]

burger beer pairing

Pairing Beer & Burgers, a Match Made in Heaven

Pairing Beer & Burgers, a Match Made in Heaven Burger beer pairing can transform a good Saturday into a great Saturday. Pairing anything with alcohol is about balance and complementing. That goes for Food & Wine, Beer & Burgers, Scotch & Cigars,  Body Shots & Coeds, well you get the picture. You want to consider how […]

alcohol acetaminophen dangers

Alcohol & Acetaminophen a Cautionary Tale

Alcohol & Acetaminophen a Cautionary Tale Alcohol & Acetaminophen could be trouble for your Liver. Especially for people who take acetaminophen to combat their hangover. Like many drugs, acetaminophen is metabolized by your liver. A small percentage is converted into a compound NAPQI (it is normally abbreviated) which typically is harmless because your body combines […]

make your cookout better with alcohol

8 Ways Alcohol Makes Your Cookout Better

July 4th is one of the premier cookout days of the year. We have put together 8 ways to use alcohol to make yours top notch. Jello Shots, you can never go wrong with jello shots. Even 55 year old Aunt Patty will down a jello shot or 2. Here is how to make yours […]

healthy summer cocktail recipes

Healthy Summer Drink Recipes

Healthy Summer Drink Recipes Live Better 101: Fun, Easy, Lighter Cocktails These healthy Summer drink recipes will help your waistline this Summer. Plus, an added bonus of less sugary drinks they lead to lesser hangovers. Beverages containing both alcohol and sugar are the leading cause of a bad hangover. Sugary beverages like sodas, sweet & sour […]