The Drunk History Behind Classic Cocktails

Many thanks for Drunk History of Cocktails -Image and original article via the Brio Smart Life Blog There are a lot of stories behind the origins of classic cocktails Have you ever wondered where your favorite cocktails came from? Or who was the genius who came up with it? Well, you are not alone. People […]

Have you ever wondered “Why do we drink for St. Patrick’s Day?”

  Have you ever wondered “Why do we drink for St. Patrick’s Day?” If you thought that St. Patrick’s day was about getting drunk, you’re right. The green-soaked holiday is a great time to douse your sensibilities and your bellies with plenty of booze, wine, and spirits. However, most people (Wikipedia included) haven’t the slightest […]

Fall Cocktail Recipes

Fall Cocktails with Happy Hour Vitamins The changing of the seasons from summer to fall  presents us with fall seasonal cocktails and Oktoberfest craft beers. Every new season brings new tastes to try just around the time the current seasonal beverages have become stale. Unfortunately, fall has morphed from changing of leaves and cooler temperatures into pumpkin themed […]

Ever Wondered “What is Rum?”

We all have had a rum & coke, but what is Rum? Rum is a ubiquitous distilled spirit these days: any liquor store worth its salt is bound to have at least a few brands on the shelf. This drink, made by fermenting the byproducts of sugar-making such as molasses or even sugar juice, has […]

why do we drink for mardi gras and fat tuesday

Why Do We Drink For Mardi Gras?

Why Do We Drink For Mardi Gras? Mardi Gras, which means “Fat Tuesday” in French, conjures up images of drunken revelers engaging in excesses of every kind. But although debaucherous partying is certainly part of the scene, so too is religion, culture, food, history—and the “Star Wars” character Chewbacca. The festivals ends on Fat Tuesday, […]

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Valentine’s Day Cocktails Cheat Sheet

Valentine’s Day Cocktails Cheat Sheet So maybe Valentine’s Day is really just a commercial holiday. But we are not mad about it, just another excuse to enjoy some cocktails with your main squeeze or your Tinder of the week. We don’t judge. Here is some help for you to up your creativity this Valentine’s Day. […]

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Boozy Big Game Recipes

Anyone can make chili, a dessert or dip. But not everyone ads booze to their cooking to add that extra special something appropriate for a day like Super Bowl Sunday. (Is it me or is it ridiculous I probably shouldn’t use that phrase) So the Happy Hour Vitamins test kitchen has a few boozy big […]