Kombucha Beer, What is this Bubbly Fermented Concoction?

So you’ve heard of Kombucha even if you don’t know what it is. Now Kombucha Beer is popping up. And now you’re wondering “am I missing out?” If you like a bubbly probiotic tea with a history of health benefit stories, the answer is “yes.” Kombucha is a mixture of tea, bacteria, and sugar. As appetizing as […]

Happy Hour Vitamins #2 on Wiki.ezvid Top 10 Hangover Supplement Reviews

Hangover Supplements Work. Wiki.ezvid.com did a short video & review of hangover supplement reviews. Happy Hour Vitamins is very excited to be listed at #2. But, after reviewing we noticed 2 glaring issues. Happy Hour Vitamins is half the price of their #1 ranked supplement on Amazon.com Also, Happy Hour Vitamins has a 4.6 rating […]

hangover pill

What You Should Look For in a Hangover Pill

Have you tried a hangover pill before? What makes one better than other? Here is a 5-point buyer’s guide for what you should be looking for in a hangover pill. Also at the end, we have some special offers to help with your hangovers. A Hangover Pill Needs a Proper Blend of Ingredients To be […]

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Skunked Beer Happens: How to Avoid Skunked Beer

Skunked Beer Happens… You crack open a fresh beer, take a sip and realize the skunk got your beer. Now what? Do you drink it? Can you drink it? How do you prevent this in the future? Actually what the hell is skunked beer? Will it give you more of a hangover? Click Here to Learn […]