Improved Formula with Prickly Pear Extract

Improvements have been made to the Happy Hour Vitamins formula by adding prickly pear extract. Prickly pear cactus extract (Opuntia Ficus Indica) has been shown in studies to help reduce hangover symptoms. The study done by the Department of Medicine at Tulane came to the conclusion that OFI had a moderate effect on reducing hangover symptoms, […]

Happy Hour Electrolyte Pills

Why do you need Electrolyte Pills? Happy Hour Electrolyte Pills were specially formulated to help you maintain a proper mineral balance. Your body needs electrolytes to function properly. Electrolytes are dissolved in fluids in your body, these small electrically charged particles are involved in most bodily functions, and are especially important when it comes to […]

healthy drunk snacks

Healthy Drunk Snacks – Late Night LifeHacking

Healthy Drunk Snacks – Late Night LifeHacking You come home drunk, hungry and you want something healthy, Fortunately, healthy drunk snacks can be easy and delicious. We have 9 healthy snacks that you need to have in your kitchen ready for when you get home full of late night drunk munchies. Just in case you […]

Farm to Table Beer, Drink Local is the New Eat Local

Farm to Table Beer, or More Like Farm to Keg Drink Local Is the New Eat Local. The local food movement has launched a new effort in the craft beer industry: farm to bottle beer. Not sure what will be the catch phrase, barn to bottle beers, farm to keg, farm to bottle either way it […]

farm to table

Farm to Table Movement, What You Should Know: Eating Better 101

Farm to Table dining is a growing trend in America, but truly, it’s just a revamped version of how we used to eat. Before microwaves and fast food, farmers raised the food and brought it to the kitchen to be prepared for supper. Today, farmers and fishermen are knocking on the doors of special restaurants […]