healthy drunk snacks

Healthy Drunk Snacks – Late Night LifeHacking

Healthy Drunk Snacks – Late Night LifeHacking You come home drunk, hungry and you want something healthy, Fortunately, healthy drunk snacks can be easy and delicious. We have 9 healthy snacks that you need to have in your kitchen ready for when you get home full of late night drunk munchies. Just in case you […]

Farm to Table Beer, Drink Local is the New Eat Local

Farm to Table Beer, or More Like Farm to Keg Drink Local Is the New Eat Local. The local food movement has launched a new effort in the craft beer industry: farm to bottle beer. Not sure what will be the catch phrase, barn to bottle beers, farm to keg, farm to bottle either way it […]

farm to table

Farm to Table Movement, What You Should Know: Eating Better 101

Farm to Table dining is a growing trend in America, but truly, it’s just a revamped version of how we used to eat. Before microwaves and fast food, farmers raised the food and brought it to the kitchen to be prepared for supper. Today, farmers and fishermen are knocking on the doors of special restaurants […]

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Living Better with Ease: Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

Better Wellness is Easy with Apple Cider Vinegar Pills Apple Cider has been used a folk cure all remedy for generations. If you have ever tried apple cider vinegar before you know the one obstacle. It tastes terrible. That’s why apple cider vinegar pills have become so popular. You get the benefits from super healthy […]

Why Are People Drinking Canned Wine?

As summer approached, everyone talked about canned wine and how great it was. According to CBS San Francisco, “sales more than doubled over the last year from $6.4 million to $14.5 million.” What they forgot is that the gang of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” had already discovered the genius idea in 2009. Since then, […]

Kombucha Beer, What is this Bubbly Fermented Concoction?

So you’ve heard of Kombucha even if you don’t know what it is. Now Kombucha Beer is popping up. And now you’re wondering “am I missing out?” If you like a bubbly probiotic tea with a history of health benefit stories, the answer is “yes.” Kombucha is a mixture of tea, bacteria, and sugar. As appetizing as […]