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I had a pretty solid birthday last week and I’m not even a big birthday guy. This year my birthday was laid back and entertaining. Here are some steps to have a enjoyable birthday experience, and get some free stuff in the process!

Step 1 :Do Something Different

Do something out of the norm even for your birthday. Typically I would get a massage. but this year, I decided to mix it up and get an old school barber shop straight razor shave. I have  been shaving my head for about 14 years and this was the first time sitting in a barber’s chair in that long.  It was a cool experience, definitely was a nice treat for the birthday. So do something different.

Step 2: Be with Fun Friends

Sure that sounds easy, but you have to be choosy. Hang out with the friends that are the most fun.  Let’s face it, some people are more fun than others. Get those fun friends together.

Step 3: Make a Game Plan

Have a plan, but not really. Get a ballpark idea of what you want to do, because people will ask you. Granted they most may not show up, but people will ask. But don’t write it in stone. You never know what can come up.

Step 4: Get Treated to Free Stuff

Let’s be honest getting free stuff on your birthday is pretty cool no matter how old you are. Now like anything there is a tradeoff, it requires some time and submitting your email to companies. Businesses often give people birthday coupons for signing up for their rewards email list. Also many give you a coupon for just signing up. And many of the birthday coupons are good 7 days before and after your birthday! So with some effort you could have a free meal every day for 2-3 weeks.

**Note a few things before you start. You should have an email address that doesn’t go to your smart phone to use as a special offer email. Anytime a company wants a promotion email, you can use that and keep the smart a little more quiet. Well unless you just love having your smart phone constantly alerting you. Also remember you can unsubscribe to any email list at any time.

Also some of the companies are wise. You need to be on their list for 30 days before getting a birthday bonus. I missed out on free coffee from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks due to this stipulation.

Aside from the coupons some people will give you free stuff. But I recommend having your friends bring up that it is your birthday. Blatantly asking what you get for free can be shooting yourself in the foot with some surly bartenders, managers & servers. Plus your friends should be picking up some of your tab. Just make sure you return the favor on their birthday.

Say thank you and never complain about free stuff. It’s free, be thankful they gave you something. I usually pour guys shots of whiskey for their birthday.

Always remember when your bill is discounted at a restaurant or bar, you need to base your tip on what the total would be without the discount, not after the discount.

The birthday freebie list is endless; this is the best one I found

these steps will ensure that you will have a great birthday. remember, it is your night to celebrate. so go crazy, have fun, and enjoy yourself!

And of course, make sure you save the next day and take Happy Hour Vitamins. Typically birthdays involve quite a few shots. So take 2-3 packs of Happy Hour Vitamins spaced throughout your day to help you survive your awesome birthday.

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