Bartender’s Tips for Your Next Bachelor(ette) Party

bachelorette essentials

Working in nightclubs for years I have seen more than my share of Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. I have seen and interacted with 100’s of bachelorette parties. On top of that I have been on quite a few bachelor parties myself. I am going to give you some bachelor & bachelorette party tips to help your next one not suck.

Don’t do it the night before the wedding. I don’t think that happens much anymore, just don’t. If travel is an issue, do it 2 nights before the wedding. Another one, don’t have it 8 months before the wedding. I often congratulate the bachelorette and ask ‘when is the wedding’ and when she says some date 5 months in the future I immediately feel like something is wrong. It takes away the sparkle.

Someone needs to be responsible. That starts with a lead contact person to organize the group and put together a gameplan. You need a plan but not too strict of a plan. Establish a handful of things that are desired to occur over the trip. The lead person has to be corralling the group and calling the appropriate shots that will keep the bachelor/bachelorette fun rolling. Plus you don’t want the bachelor(ette) having to babysit a group of adults that is someone else’s job.

Be original. Stripclubs, veils, all girls in a black dresses, penis straws, bar fights, etc. all have been done quite a bit. Theme nights are always fun, games and I am a big fan of scavenger hunts. All will forces people to interact with other people. And it helps reduce the chance for miserable girls (I will go into detail later).

body shots bachelorette party
Need Some Excitement? 2 Words, Body Shots

Budget, be mindful of the group. I have been on Bachelor parties where I spend less than $100 and ones where I spent several grand. Both were fun. I feel it more relates to the personality of the bachelor(ette). If you are going to spend a little more, I recommend giving people proper heads up so they can plan. But, if you are attending don’t be cheap. Be willing to fork out some money for the bachelor(ette) nothing worse than seeing some bachelor(ette) buying a round of shots for their friends and none of them return the favor.

That being said, every bartender is not going to buy the bachelor(ette) a drink. It is not the bartenders booze to do whatever they want with. So if they do give you a drink, be appreciative thank them (tip). That being said it is pretty easy to get drinks for a bachelorette. Quite a few guys will buy her a drink or do a shot with her. The key is her friends need to flirt with guys. Bachelors bring friends that spend money, thats your best chance for free drinks.

Side note, almost every bachelorette party I see has at least one girl that looks and acts miserable. Don’t be that girl, she sucks and other people notice and make fun of her. You are out with friends honoring one of them. Put on your big girl panties, suck it up and have some fun or at least make sure everyone else is.

That being said, bachelor parties tend to get really douchey and overly machismo. That’s fine guys, but remember where you are. Being rowdy at 11pm in a loud bar is a lot more acceptable than at 6pm at a nice steakhouse. It works a lot better if you self-regulate the group, be fucking adults. Believe me every bartender/bouncer/manager keeps a close eye on a bachelor party. They often are more hassle than they are worth, don’t be those guys.

And of course take Happy Hour Vitamins. Bring some for the group and make sure everyone takes a dose or two (maybe three). You don’t want to be on vacation and lose part of a day because a hangover has you incapacitated. Or even a worse experience, being hungover for a 7 hour car ride.

General Tips

Most cabs only hold 4-6 people, find a van cab and save the phone number

Not everyone drinks a lot, make sure people aren’t too drunk too early. Try to keep a group drinking pace.

Pictures tell a lot of stories, good ones and bad ones…

Do something different than your routine weekend. If you stay in town, hit different bars

Eat at least one really good meal

Tip your bartenders

Don’t Drink and Drive, EVER

Bring Happy Hour Vitamins to the wedding if it still happens