alcohol and b vitamins

What you need to know about  Alcohol and B Vitamins

Drinking is fun and an important part of our social culture. But as we all know not the healthiest thing we can do. So we are going to take a look at alcohol and b vitamins and you. One important thing to know is you can often reduce the negatives from alcohol is by just supplementing a B vitamin complex. Happy Hour Vitamins features a strong B vitamin complex along with many other nutrients. Let’s look at the science behind B Vitamins doing a drinker’s body some good.

Alcohol alone can destroy B vitamins in your system. Plus your body uses extra B vitamins when you have alcohol in your system. That could explain why people who drink regularly are often deficient in B vitamins. Those deficiencies have been linked to depression and fatigue. Regular supplementation or a B Vitamin rich diet can help balance out potential deficiencies.hangover pill samples

Often alcohol-related headache occurs when alcohol in the bloodstream sucks all the vitamins and nutrients from the body and organs. The shortage of vitamins and nutrients can lead to organs starting to dry up, the organs begin to take moisture from the brain. When this happens the brain actually shrinks and the blood vessels become inflamed making it harder for blood to flow through the brain and causing pressure. As the brain shrinks it pulls at the membranes that connect the brain and skull thus giving one whopping headache. Adding to the body’s inflammation are all the toxins that end up in the body after a night of drinking. By preventing a shortage of nutrients in the body can help reduce the post drinking headache.

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Fatigue is common the day after drinking. Another aspect of alcohol and b vitamins is the body burns up nutrients when you drink. Critical B Vitamins aid the body in metabolism, energy, regulating blood sugar levels, and many other functions. The missing B vitamins, critical for energy, could make for a slow moving day. Also, after a night of drinking a shortage of B vitamins paired with dehydration can cause you to be lethargic the next day. On top of all that you have consumed a lot of a drug known as a depressant so naturally, you are going to feel sluggish. This can also be accompanied by some dizziness.

Another factor potentially causing you to be sluggish is that your blood sugar level can be off. Your liver, which regulates blood sugar, has just worked overtime and possibly hasn’t caught up. The regulation of blood sugar could cause Drunk Munchies. Dr. Ria Gilday, Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritionist at Queen’s Health Centers and author of the new book Healthy Weight Loss; Fast, Easy, and Safe further explains the science behind drunk eating by pointing to the fact that alcohol is “technically sugar,” which means that it is absorbed into the bloodstream right away. “The body’s natural defense against elevated blood is to raise insulin level and rid the sugar from the blood. When insulin is released it will cause the blood sugar levels drop rapidly (by burning it and storing it as fat) but this response provokes a vicious cycle of wanting more sugar and fats, hence the person drinks more, or eats more,” she says. B vitamin supplementation can help the body manage sugar levels and cravings more effectively.

Let’s look at a few minerals can be depleted from alcohol. Manganese helps C & B-Vitamins achieve proper use. Deficiencies of the minerals zinc & magnesium have been linked to poor appetite and fatigue. Vitamin K deficiency has been shown in heavy drinkers. So a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, heavy in the B vitamin complex would be good for someone who drinks.

Now What

After learning about alcohol and b vitamins you know you can supplement to help avoid hangovers. Lucky for you Happy Hour Vitamins is a multivitamin specially formulated to help with hangovers. For less than the cost of a beer, you can get samples of 4.6 Star Happy Hour Vitamins mailed to you. Just by taking one dose of Happy Hour Vitamins you can avoid hangovers, live & feel better. Plus, with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee the only thing you have to lose is your Hangover.

Which bring us to why Happy Hour Vitamins are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. Happy Hour Vitamins were formulated to help people who drink live better lives. The potent B Vitamin complex found in Happy Hour Vitamins is only part of what is inside to help with your hangovers. Antioxidants to rid the body of toxins, milk thistle to support your liver and cysteine to combat alcohol specific toxins.