skunked beer

Skunked Beer Happens…

You crack open a fresh beer, take a sip and realize the skunk got your beer. Now what? Do you drink it? Can you drink it? How do you prevent this in the future? Actually what the hell is skunked beer? Will it give you more of a hangover? Click Here to Learn 5 Reasons You Are Hungover Other Than Dehydration

What is Skunked Beer?

Skunked Beer is beer that tastes and smells like skunk spray. While some beer drinkers think that variations from warm to cold temperatures cause this, it is actually said by experts that light hitting ingredients found in the beer, is what causes the bad taste and smell.

How to Determine if the Beer Has Been Skunked?

The best way to determine if your beer has been skunked, is that it will smell and taste like skunk spray. Also, if you know that the beer has been in sunlight, artificial light or gotten hot, then the beer has probably already been skunked.

Why Beer Gets Skunked?

The Isohumulones, or the bitter compounds used in hops, which is an ingredient in beers, are very sensitive to natural light. Artificial light affects the isohumulones compounds in the beer as well, but not nearly as quickly as natural light. If natural or artificial light reaches the isohumulones, then they get broken down into 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol or MBT, which not only smells like a skunk but tastes very similiar to skunk spray. (Happy Hour Vitamins thoughts… How dedicated was the researcher that figured that out?)

How to Prevent It?

To prevent your beer from being skunked, keep it in a darkened, cool area, like the refrigerator. Allowing the beer to become exposed, in particular to natural light, will quickly break down its compounds. This leads to the beer possibly being skunked. Also, if you buy canned beer, then this offers a great protection against the damaging light rays. And if not a canned beer, then purchase beers in a brown bottle, which rates as secondary in protection, against the dreaded skunked beer. Do not drink beer from a clear glass or green glass, as this allows your beer to get skunked within a matter of seconds. Heat brings on the skunked beer taste quickly, so keep your beer away from anything that heats it up. Learn how acetaldehyde in your beer adds to your hangover.

Can You Still Drink Skunked Beer?

Although skunked beer is considered to have a bad smell and taste, the ingredient 3-methyl-2-butene-1-thiol, that causes the beer to be skunked, has no ill effects on the health of the human body. So, the answer is yes, you can still drink skunked beer, without getting sick. Avoid Your Beer Hangover with B Vitamins.

What Beers are More Likely to be Skunked

There are some brands of beer that in particular, are more likely than others to be skunked. Pilsners, which often manufactures their beers in green bottles, are highly susceptible to skunking. In order to be safe, buy cans and brown bottled beers. Stay away from clear bottles or green bottle beers, which are more susceptible to skunking.

What You Should Do Next

Now that you know what skunked beer is and ways to prevent it, then hopefully you can stay away from the dreaded hungover bartenderskunked beers. But if you have too many beers, you can wake up hungover. You don’t want to wake up hungover do you? Check out Happy Hour Vitamins, a multivitamin specially formulated for hangovers. They may not prevent skunked beer but they offer samples at BTW, Happy Hour Vitamins have a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and are backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. The only thing you have to lose is your hangover…