What are Happy Hour Vitamins

  • Daily multivitamin specially formulated to help people who enjoy drinking avoid hangovers, live & feel better
  • Can be taken daily for health, is effective after just one dose
  • Easy as taking a serving before, while or after drinking to help you feel better the next day
  • On days of epic drinking, we recommend a second dose before you go to sleep

Why Happy Hour Vitamins Work

  • Milk thistle has been recognized as a liver tonic for centuries. Studies looking at Milk Thistle have found significant improvements in liver function
  • B Vitamin deficiencies can be linked to alcohol consumption
  • B Vitamins aid in energy and metabolism
  • Some of the worst effects of the alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be avoided with the help of the vitamin “Thiamine”
  • N-Acetylcysteine can aid the body with some of the toxic by-products from the metabolism of ethanol
  • Antioxidants can help the brain deal with the effects of alcohol
Happy Hour Vitamins Supplement Facts

80% of alcohol passes through your liver to be detoxified, stressing & taxing your liver

Milk thistle is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world and is also the number one recommended natural herb for liver health. In fact, in Europe, milk thistle is a prescribed medication.On top of milk thistle to support the liver, Happy Hour Vitamins also has Artichoke Extract which has been shown to support healthy liver function.

Learn More Why Milk Thistle is Important for Drinkers.

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Balance Vitamin Deficiencies Linked to Drinking

Let’s look closely at B Vitamins a primary ingredient of Happy Hour Vitamins. Your body heavily uses B Vitamins when you drink. Even worse B Vitamins are vulnerable and destroyed by alcohol. A shortage in B Vitamins could slow your body in metabolism, energy production and the breakdown of sugars. Studies have also shown C & B Vitamin deficiencies have been linked to depression and fatigue.

Hangovers Cost the USA Approximately a Whopping $231 Billion per Year

Antioxidants can help the body deal with toxins & other effects from alcohol

Your body will thank you for the Antioxidant rich Acai Berry, Goji Berry & Green Tea extracts which are all part of Happy Hour Vitamins cutting edge proprietary blend.

Here is an excerpt from Annals of Internal Medicine examining the staggering cost of hangovers (Wiese et al. 2000)

“The staggering cost of alcoholic hangover could be significantly mitigated if drinkers took the right antioxidants before going to bed.”

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Alcohol Withdrawals can be part of your Hangover

Remember feeling better after a ‘Hair of the Dog’ that could be because alcohol has tamed the withdrawal symptoms from the night before.

Happy Hour Vitamins contains Thiamine which has been used to help calm the effects of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Combat Evil Acetaldehyde

Acetaldehyde, is formed when the body breaks down alcohol and is approximately 30 times more toxic to the body than alcohol. N-Acetyl Cysteine is the primary detoxification mechanism for scavenging unmetabolized acetaldehyde.

Landing N-acetyl Cysteine an important role in Happy Hour Vitamins proprietary blend.

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