Happy Hour Vitamins is a multivitamin specially formulated for people who drink
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Let Us Toast to No More Hangovers

Happy Hour Vitamins is a specially formulated multivitamin designed to help the drinking population avoid hangovers, live & feel better.
Feeling better tomorrow is easy as taking one dose (2 capsules) of Happy Hour Vitamins before or while drinking. On days of extended drinking, take a second dose later in the day. We're passionate about helping the drinking population live a better, more enjoyable life, Cheers!
"I struggled with hangovers while working as bartender for over a decade. Happy Hour Vitamins allow me to avoid my hangovers & enjoy a better life. If you want to avoid your hangovers for less than the cost of a beer, you found the right place."
-Ben Shaw - President

Avoiding Hangovers is Easy with Happy Hour Vitamins

    • Just Take a dose of Happy Hour Vitamins before/while drinking.

    •  One dose is a packet containing 2 specially formulated capsules.

    • On extended days of drinking, take a 2nd dose later in the day. 

    • Wake up, feel good, thank Happy Hour Vitamins on social media.

    • Forgot to take Happy Hour Vitamins? #dontforgetyourvitamins
      Take a dose when you wake up. It will take a bit for your body to absorb all the nutrients but H2V will help you recover better.


How does Happy Hour Vitamins (H2V) work?


To be Clear, A Hangover is Typically More Than Just Dehydration

  • Happy Hour Vitamins is a multivitamin specially formulated for the needs of the drinking population.

  • The propietary blend contains Milk Thistle & Artichoke

    extract which have been show to promote liver health.

  • Happy Hour Vitamins contains Amino Acids & Antioxidants to aid the body with alcohol induced toxins & free radicals.

  • A heavy dose of B & C Vitamins to help balance common vitamin deficiencies linked to regular alcohol consumption.

Happy Hour vitamins are amazing! I am amazed at how great I feel after a night of drinking or a long week of having friends in town       -Sherry Ann H. 5 Star Amazon Review

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Why H2V Works

To be Clear, A Hangover is Typically More Than Just Dehydration. Happy Hour Vitamins is a multivitamin specially formulated for the needs of the drinking population. The proprietary blend contains…

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A Free How-to Guide to Help you Avoid Hangovers, Live & Feel Better from Happy Hour Vitamins. Debunking Hangover Mistakes & Misconceptions.
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We like to avoid hangovers, but we also like to have a good time. Check out our blog for drink recipes, party ideas, funny stories and more.
We are still attempting to perfect Bacon-Infused Bourbon, if you have any tips let us know.
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Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Happy Hour Vitamins will not prevent intoxication and/or bad decisions. Please drink legally and responsibly. Never drink and drive. If you have a serious problem with alcohol please consult a professional. Did we say don't drink and drive? Just double checking, never drink and drive. -Cheers